Dan Ninerell

My love for cooking began many years ago watching all those amazing chefs on TV Saturday mornings and afternoons.

Chef Dan

I remember being inspired

by Jacques Pepin, Emeril Lagasse, Marco Pierre White, Lidia Bastianich, Justin “The Cajun” Wilson and the classic PBS series Great Chefs of the World to name just a few. I became especially fascinated with the classic French techniques, and practiced them over and over in my kitchen. Through trial and error, I learned about knife skills, sauces, stocks and numerous cooking techniques.

I am a very personable and outgoing and knew one thing that brought people together was good food.

Chef Dan
Chef Dan and his friend on a grocery store

They say in life to be happy,
one must follow their passion.

After many years working in the field Logistics and Supply Chain, I decided to devote my passion for cooking from a hobby, to a full time business. I established my Personal Chef business after seeing the need to serve the Southern/Central New Jersey and greater Philadelphia regions by marrying my love of cooking food, my sociable personality and a genuine love and desire to serve my amazing customers.

Making people happy through my food is an experience you can’t put into to words.

Chef Dan and his friend on a grocery store